Environment, Development and Peace

The MA in Environment, Development, and Peace (EDP) provides comprehensive training in issues of sustainable development, environmental governance, natural resource management, and environmental conflict management from both ecological and social perspectives.  It encompasses a broad range of subjects and themes, including Food Systems, Water Management, Forestry, Coastal Resources, Climate Change, Urban Ecology and Social Movements. The program focuses on the human dimensions of the environment-development nexus, highlighting the connections between local perspectives and broader processes at the national, regional and global levels and emphasizing the importance of political economic structures and inequality in access to resources as key drivers in environmental conflict and global environmental change. The program prepares students for a wide range of careers in both environmental and development policy and programming in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Possible courses:

ESP 6060 Water, Security and Peace 3 credits
NRD 6026 Sustainable Agriculture 3 credits
DED 6007 Environment, Conflicts, and Sustainability 3
NRD 6092 Management of Coastal Resources 3 credits 
DED 6029 Climate Change Governance, 3 credits
DED 6015 Food Security, 3 credits
ESP 6020 Research Methods 3 credits
DED 6029 DED 6029 Climate Adaptation and Climate Justice 3 credits
NRD 6083 Natural Resource Management Field Course 3 credits
NRD 6075 Forests, Forestry and Poverty 3 credits
DED 6018 Climate Change Governance 3 credits

 Inside this programme, several Specializations are offered:

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