Specialization in Sustainable Natural Resource Management

The specialization in Sustainable Natural Resource Management (SNRM) is primarily designed for those intending to engage in community- oriented work in natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, or sustainable development. It emphasizes the enhancement of biodiversity for global life support systems and mitigation of conflicts that arise from development initiatives, natural resource disputes, and environment degradation. Graduates possess the needed skills and knowledge to work with governmental, civil society, and private sector organizations engaged in conservation and development programming, as well as to pursue advanced academic study in the social science of environmental management.The Programme involves two semesters of graduate coursework followed by completion of a thesis or internship tailored to the student’s specific interests.


Students in this specialization must take at least 3 of the following courses

NRD 6026 Sustainable Agriculture (3 Credits)
NRD 6092 Management of Coastal Resources  (3 Credits)
NRD 6075 Forests, Forestry and Poverty (3 Credits)
NRD 6083 Natural Resources Management Field Course (3 credits)

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