Master in International Law and the Settlement of Disputes

The Master in International Law and the Settlement of Disputes offers students an understanding of the role that international law and institutions play in the settlement of international and transnational disputes. This specialization examines the role of national and international courts and tribunals in contributing to the settlement of disputes. As international and transnational adjudication has acquired a more prominent role in international relations, it is essential to understand how these global and regional courts are responding to the challenges of the early 21st Century. Students will examine the role of law in traditional and not-so traditional territorial and boundary disputes, and acquire an overview of the law of the sea. And finally, they will be examine the increasingly important field of dispute settlement in international economic relations, which will include investment arbitration. 

Courses Common to all UPEACE Programs

  • UPM 6001 UPEACE Foundation Course (3 Credits) UPeace Resident Faculty
  • UPM 6003 The United Nations System and UPMUNC (3 Credits) Miriam Estrada and Mayumi Yamada, and Ross Ryan (UPMUNC)
  • UPM 6002 Tools for Conflict Resolution and Transformation (3 Credits) Manish Thapa. 

Cross-listed courses to both ILHR & ILSD Programs 

  • DIL-6030 Foundation Course on Public International Law (3 credits) Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo, Miriam Estrada and Mihir Kanade.
  • DIL-6059 Foundation Course on Human Rights Law (3 credits) Mihir Kanade and Miriam Estrada.
  • DIL-6085 International Law Related to Armed Conflict (3 credits) Héctor Olasolo, Miriam Estrada and Mihir Kanade.
  • DIL-6077 Transitional Justice and International Criminal Law (3 credits) Miriam Estrada.
  • DIL-6079 International Protection of Vulnerable Groups and Persons (3 credits) UNHCR Team, ILO Team and Mihir Kanade.  

Graduation Project

  • DIL-7100 Independent Studies Paper (8 Credits)
  • DIL-7200 Final Graduation Project Internship (8 Credits)
  • DIL-7500 Final Graduation Project Capstone Track (5 Credits)

Courses for the Master in International Law and the Settlement of Disputes ILSD 

  • DIL-6160 International and Transnational Adjudication (3 credits) Miriam Estrada.
  • DIL-6026 International Economic Law (3 credits) Mihir Kanade.
  • DIL-6081 Maritime & Territorial Dispute Settlement (3 credits) Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo and Gudmundur Eiriksson. 


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