Doctoral Programme

The Charter of the University, Art. 15.2. gives the power to the University to grant Doctoral Degrees in the area of “Irenology, which shall comprise the study of peace, education for peace and human rights”.

Full-time (Research) Doctorate: in accordance with the Mandate, the UPEACE designed the Full-time (Research) Doctorate, as a research degree that develops professionals’ research expertise in their chosen area of interest, leading to careers in teaching and in research-related institutions and requires residency at UPeace. Thus, the Full-time (Research) Doctorate at the UPeace primarily prepares students for work in an academic/educational setting.

The Part-time (Professional) Doctorate: is conceived of as a doctorate with a particular focus on applied research (or research done for professional purposes). The Part-time (Professional) Doctorate may be aimed at those pursuing primarily professional rather than academic careers. However, the Part-time (Professional) Doctorate is at the same level as the Full-time (Research) Doctorate, and both demand the same level of academic rigor.  Both degrees require to pay tuition fees annually for a minimum of three years.  The Full-time (Research) Doctorate cannot be registered at Upeace more than a maximum of 5 years, and the Part-time (Professional) for 6 years.

Area of Interest of Study

UPEACE already offers a broad range of coursework and educational research opportunities, with specializations in the following regular M.A. programs:

• Environment, Development and Peace (with specialization in Climate Change Policy, Environment Security and Governance, Sustainable Food Systems, and Sustainable Natural Resource Management)

Gender and Peace Building

International Law (with specializations in Human Rights and International Settlement of Disputes)

International Peace Studies

    • Media, Peace and Conflict Studies
    • Peace Education
    • Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development

The official name of the Doctoral Degree will follow the model already established by the Master Programmes. Therefore, the title formally will be: “Doctoral Programme in Peace and Conflict Studies”.

Additionally, UPEACE offers Joint Master’s Degree Programs in collaboration with the following institutions:

• Ateneo de Manila University, The Philippines (Asia Leaders Programme)

• American University’s School of International Service, Washington, D.C., USA (Specialization in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development)

• Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea (Specialization in International Law and Human Rights; Media, Peace and Conflict Studies, or Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development)

• International University of Monaco (Specialization in Sustainable Peace through Sport)

Interaction between these institutions and UPEACE could represent the completion of dual/joint degrees or the opportunity for our research students to visit and work during a semester in these institutions. 


You can download here the complete Doctoral Programme Guideline.

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