Ross Ryan

Nationality: Canada


Ross Ryan holds degrees in Political Science and Literature from McMaster University (Canada) and an M.A. degree in Environmental Security and Peace from the University for Peace (Costa Rica). He is Chief Editor of the Peace and Conflict Monitor and Managing Editor of the Peace and Conflict Review, as well as Instructor in the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies and Liasion of the Media, Peace and Conflict Studies Programme. He is currently working on a research project entitled “Information Technology, Civic Engagement, and the Cyber-Ethnography of Peace Movements”.





Recent Publications:

  • Ryan, R. (2014). Opening the Culture of Peace: Global Civil Society in the Age of FOSS. Perspectivas Internacionales vol. 10, issue 1. p 129-157. 
  • Ryan, R. (2014). Open Access Publishing in the Field of Peace and Conflict Studies. Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice vol26, issue 4.