Special Opportunity for English Training

Recieve English language training to get you ready to take your TOEFL/IELTS exam! 

Offered to APS applicants now through 6 July 2018.

Special Opportunity

The Asian PeaceBuilders Scholarship (APS) is providing the opportunity for applicants to participate in a special English Language Training Programme.  This opportunity is meant for applicants with high motivation and qualified backgrounds but who do not have English test scores high enough to be considered for our regular Intermediate English Training programme as part of the APS scholarship.  The English programme is designed to help applicants improve their English levels and test scores before the final APS Application Deadline.

Please note that being selected to participate in this special English language training programme will not guarantee the acceptance/enrollment into the APS programme.


Special English Language Training Programme Details

Format: Online, one-on-one with Genashtim Innovative Learning Pte Ltd, EPiC online (35 sessions)

Accepted applicants will participate in this online, dynamic English Training programme before the APS Application Deadline in order to improve their English and TOEFL/IELTS score. The English training will focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking to help prepare applicants for academic studies in English.


How to Apply

To apply to participate in this special opportunity:

  1. Fill out this online application form.
  2. Gather and send a copy of all the following materials to lgaylor@upeace.org.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement indicating the reason for your interest in the APS programme and when you plan to apply for the scholarship (maxiumum 300 words).
  • Undergraduate Transcript (scanned copy)
  • Undergraduate Diploma (scanned copy)
  • Passport copy