American University / UPEACE Dual MA Programme NRSD

The Master of Arts Dual Degree Program in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (NRSD) allows participants to study environmental and development policies and practices from the perspectives of both Global South and North, and from both local and global viewpoints. Students spend one year each at UPEACE and at American University's School of International Service in Washington, D.C. American University contributes with strengths in international relations, environmental policy, and economics, while UPEACE provides a unique opportunity to study sustainable development, environmental governance, and natural resources management on the ground in a developing context. All courses at UPEACE include field trips to different locations around Costa Rica where students will learn through direct engagement with government and non-governmental organizations, community members, and other local stakeholders. Graduates of this program receive an MA in International Affairs from American University and an MA in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development from UPEACE.


Admission is handled by American University. Accordingly, all candidates must follow the procedures listed Here

Once the admission applications are complete, applicants are evaluated by faculty at both universities.

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To receive additional information about the admission process, send a request to:
School of International Service
American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C., 20016-8071
Fax: 202-885-2494
Tel: 202-885-164 202-885-1646

While at UPEACE the required courses are: 
- Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies 3 credits
DIL 6062 Workshop on Negotiation Skills 1 credit 
Elective courses at UPEACE may include:
NRD 6091 Environment and Development 3 credits
ESP 6060 Water, Security and Peace 3 credits
DED 6006 City, Nature and Environment 3 credits
NRD 6026 Sustainable Agriculture 3 credits
RMSED 6009 Economic Development, Peace and Conflict 3 credits 
DED 6007 Environment, Conflicts, and Sustainability 3
NRD 6092 Management of Coastal Resources 3 credits 
DED 6008 Thesis Seminar 1 credit
DED 6014 Disaster Risk Reduction
DED 6015 Food Security
ESP 6020 Research Methods 3 credits
DED 6016 Human Vulnerability and Climate Change Adaptation 3 credits
DED 6009 Environmental Justice and Social Movements 3 credits
NRD 6083 Natural Resource Management Field Course 3 credits
NRD 6040 Ecological Foundations for Sustainable Land Use 3 credits
NRD 6075 Forests, Forestry and Poverty 3 credits
DED 6010 Gender, Sustainable Economic Development and the Environment 3 credits
DED 6018 Climate Change Governance 3 credits
DIL 6043 Globalization and Human Rights 3 credits
DED 6011 Advance Research in Environment and Society 3 credits
UPE 6028 Simulation Exercise on Model of UN Conference 1 credit

For complete course descriptions, course calendar and information about the prefessors, please follow this link.

For a list of the courses offered at American University, please follow the link of the School of International Service.