Water Cooperation and Diplomacy- Programme Fees

Tuition Costs

The tuition fees depend on the type graduation project chosen- thesis or project-based.  For the thesis option, the cost varies further based on the location where the thesis is supervised.

Location of Graduation Project

Thesis Option

Project-Based Option


$       33,105


IHE Delft *

$       37,439


Oregon State University

$       46,369

$       35,619


* Living and travel expenses are not included in the above costs. All fees are expressed in dollars. The costs related to the IHE Delft portion of the programme have been calculated with exchange rate € 1.12 = $1.00.

Some scholarships are available for students accepted into the program, based on both financial need and academic merit.  University for Peace offers a 30% tuition waiver to students in this Joint Education Programme. Oregon State University has several tuition remission scholarships for fall term 2017, and once students have applied to the programme, the programme can assist eligible students in applying for additional scholarships from private foundations or other funding sources.