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Convocatoria 2002
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Departamento de RecursosNaturales y Paz
Universidad para la Paz
Apdo.138-6100, Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica.
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E-mail: cyc@upeace.org

Centro Internacional de Defensoría para el Ambiente y el Desarrollo (Textos disponibles sólo en inglés)

    The Darien Gap Region Between Colombia and Panama: Gap or Seal?
    Pascal O. Girot, School of Geography, University of Costa Rica DOWNLOAD

    Environmental and Human Right Impacts of Trade Liberalization: A Case Study in Batam Island, Indonesia
    Agus P. Sari DOWNLOAD

    Conflicts over International Oil and Gas Development off Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East: A David & Goliath Tale
    Erika Rosenthal, with Dr. Vera L. Mischenko - Ecojuris Institute, Moscow DOWNLOAD

    Ecological Roots of Conflict in Eastern and Central Africa: Towards a Regional Ombudsperson
    John Mugabe and Godber W. Tumushabe - African Centre for Technology Studies DOWNLOAD

    The Rights of Indigenous Peoples in International Law
    Fergus MacKay, Forest Peoples Programme DOWNLOAD

    Legal And Normative References: Environmental Human Rights
    Michelle T. Leighton DOWNLOAD

    The Emerging Nexus of Environment, Development and Human Rights in China: A Case Study of Foreign Waste Dumping
    Changhua Wu and Simon Wang DOWNLOAD

    The Nam Theun II Dam in Laos: Conflicts Over Development Plans for the Mekong River Region
    Philip Hirsch, Department of Geography, University of Sydney DOWNLOAD

    Local Communities and Fishing Disputes in Saharan and Moroccan Waters: Opportunities for New Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
    Ana Barreira, Adriana Fabra, Anna-Rosa Martínez , Sergi Tudela - International Institute for Law and the Environment DOWNLOAD

    Promoting Environmental Human Rights in Ghana: Mining Conflicts and the Role of an Ombudsperson
    Douglas Brown - Friends of the Earth, Ghana DOWNLOAD