Turning Education into Experience

Often the best way to bring the your experiences and education together into a new career is through learning by doing. Experiential learning opportunities come in many forms and names such as Internships, Fellowships and Volunteer Projects (with learning goals and supervisión).

There are different levels of experience and varying amounts of time involved in these learning experiences. For example, some internships are paid, but most are unpaid, and can even be "virtual".

There are varying amounts of time involved in these learning experiences. For example, postgraduate internships often are at least three months long, but might lead to six months or even a year, if negotiated.

You can develop an experiential learning project on your own initiative to gain valuable international experience, whether it be in field or in an office of an international organization.

Internship Resources for UPEACE Students

The Career Development Officer is available to support you in your research efforts to develop options related to your interests and field of study.

Through the Career Development Center, UPEACE now has an online internship information database to help students research potential internships.  It can be accessed at: The Career Development Officer also hosts representatives of organizations interested in offering internships to UPEACE Students once a year on campus for the UPEACE Internship Information Fair.

Additional Resources for Internships is a great resource for internship listings from around the world:

UN Headquarters Internships, New York: Information on how to apply for internships at the United Nations Headquarters:

United Nations Association of the USA - Intern Program: is also available at:  


These opportunities are usually paid and involve a longer period of time, such as a year, and usually involve research.  Check the websites of the organizations in which you are interested to see if fellowships are offered. For example, 

One UPEACE alumnus, Oscar Alvarado, was a Peace Fellow in Toronto, Canada working with The Coalition for Gun Control, an alliance of more tan 300 major policing, public safety, and violence prevention organizations whose misión is to reduce and prevent gun violence, injury, and crime in Canada.

"I was first introduced to this amazing organization through a Peace Fellowship with The Advocacy Project; something I found out about through one of Christine Oatis' career-related emails", said Alvarado.