"I'm an alumna of the Peace Education program, 2007. Upon returning to Canada after graduation, I searched and searched for the perfect job that would utilize all the skills and knowledge I learned while in Costa Rica. I finally found my dream job a few months ago as Program Director with Project Ploughshares Calgary...needless to say, I am thrilled! I am grateful every day for the education I had and the tremendous opportunity to experience UPEACE. I really can't express how special and important that year was to me in terms of personal growth and development as well as in expanding my awareness of all issues related to peace. We are making a difference in our city as well as globally and that really is what Peace education is all about"
Karen Huggins
Programme: MA in Gender and Peace Building (2007)
Current Position: Program Director
Country: Canada

"It is almost exactly one year ago that I left the green grounds of the UPEACE campus for the cobbled streets and canals of my city Utrecht, in the Netherlands. I tried to hold on to the 'pura vida' lifestyle for half a year longer, writing on my thesis and doing volunteer work, but soon enough I got pulled back into the pace of living that was directed by my calendar. UPEACE, with its diversity in faculty, staff and students, practice-oriented learning environment and the network opportunities it offered, had given me the boost I needed for getting to work for what I really felt passionate about: the inclusion of marginalized people in processes of development and peacebuilding and promoting their equal participation in society".
Lieke Scheewe, MA Peace Education (2010)
Programme Coordinator
Foundation Dark & Light
The Netherlands

"It is thanks to the holistic perspective of peace that I obtained from UPEACE that I decided to join and stay with the Coalition, despite the issues not being environmentally related. Firearms and the measures to control them are important contributions to peace that touch upon other aspects, such as: human rights, public safety and security, gender empowerment, mental health rehabilitation, international arms treaties, and many more"
Oscar Alvarado
Environmental Security and Peace (2009)
Fellow at The Coalition for Gun Control

"I currently work for the Asia Foundation in San Francisco, California. (www.asiafoundation.org) and work with the Books for Asia program. I get to communicate and work with 18 countries throughout Asia and positively contribute to access to education and literacy. The work that I do daily always has a Peace Education and Gender lens; it helps inform my daily choices and drives my long term vision. I am greatly appreciative of the opportunities that have been presented to me and truly feel that UPEACE has been the biggest factor to my career successes! Muchas gracias and pura vida!"
Saechao, Naita
Peace Education (2008)
Asia Foundation, San Francisco
United States

"When I left UPEACE with an MA in International Law, I devoted my time to figuring out how the human right to water can be sharpened as a legal tool for the protection of water access. My efforts will earn my UPEACE thesis publication in a top US law review later this month (http://bit.ly/nVJWRV). But lessons learned in the academy only gain true power in practice. Awareness naturally breeds activism. And activism breeds change".
George S. McGraw
MA in International Law and Settlement of Disputes (2010)
United States

"It is always great to hear about Upeacers making a difference in the lives of other people!
I have been busy too since I returned. I work as a Gender and People Living living with HIV/AIDS in a USAID funded project called STAR-E, being implemented by Management Sciences for Health (MSH). I am also currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management. I wish to come and present a paper at Upeace on Management, and the great things I am doing with and for People Living with HIV."

Jennifer Acio
Gender and Peace Building (2009)