Welcome Note

On behalf of the UPMUNC 2014 Board of Directors, I welcome your participation in the 12th University for Peace´s Model United Nations Conference: Security, Justice, and Equality towards Sustainable Peace.

From March 19th to March 21nd, 2014, high-school and undergraduate students from all over the world, as well as members of the University for Peace community and members of international organizations, will come together at the United Nations Mandated University for Peace main Campus in Costa Rica as part of UPMUNC 2014.

The University for Peace was created to foster a community of leaders committed to promoting ideals of peace for a better future. Each year UPMUNC has been an integral part of this community. UPMUNC is a Model United Nations simulation of the real United Nations Organization, its most important bodies and specialized agencies, held for the purpose of providing participants with valuable insights into procedures and conflict resolution within the United Nations Organization.

UPMUNC 2014 Board of Directors is privileged to continue this legacy, and remains committed to creating a professional, fun & stimulating conference for you. This year´s theme is ‘Security, Justice, and Equality towards Sustainable Peace’. The five committees represented are; the Security Council, UN Women, the UNEP, UNHRC, and UNHCR. Your remarkable participation will make this year´s a historical conference.

This year´s board is a professional and dynamic group of individuals coming from a diverse range of nations. This reflects the diversity and cooperative spirit underlying the United Nations. We sincerely welcome your excellent participation in Costa Rica, and we look forward to meeting you in March.


William A. Montoya
President, UPMUNC 2014 Board of Directors

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