Specialization in Climate Change Policy

]Our specialization in Climate Change Policy (CCP) addresses the complex relationship between climate change and security issues at the international, national and local levels. We operate with the understanding that environmental problems are closely linked to security issues, that climate change is one of the most significant environmental problems in the world today, and that the international community plays an essential role in governing climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. The specialization prepares students to work with organizations, both international and community-based, in climate change mitigation and adaptation policy formulation and project implementation, disaster risk reduction,  as well as in the identification and management of conflicts arising from climate change-related factors.


Students in this specialization must take the following courses

DED-6018 Climate Change Governance (3 Credits)
DED 6029 Climate Adaptation and Climate Justice (3 Credits)
NRD 6075 Forests, Forestry and Poverty (3 Credits)  

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