Specialization in Environmental Security and Governance

Our specialization in Environmental Security and Governance (ESG) is designed for those wishing to critically engage with issues concerning Global Environmental Change and Security. Impacts of Global Environmental Change on different levels of security are analyzed, namely national, human and ecological security, as well as linkages between environmental governance and peace and conflict. Inside this framework this specialization looks at the potential role of natural resources in both contributing to conflicts and facilitating peace building processes. This specialization also analyzes different governance responses to global environmental change, engaging with ongoing debates concerning the underlying causes of environmental degradation. Courses in this specialization critically engage with the ways in which environmental issues are framed as security issues and the potential consequences of this approach for environmental governance. Students will gain insights into different institutional tools and practical techniques related to water, food, and other environmental conflict scenarios. Other topics include disaster risk reduction and environmental conflict management.


  • Students in this specialization must take the following courses

    ESP 6060 Water, Security and Peace (3 Credits)
    DED 6007 Environment, Conflicts, and Sustainability (3 Credits)
    DED 6024 Food Security (3 Credits) 

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