Jan Breitling

Nationality: Germany/Costa Rica


Jan Breitling is the Head of the Department of Environment and Development at University for Peace (Costa Rica). He holds a B.Sc. in Tropical Forestry from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica and a M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from WUR Wageningen University and Research Centre (The Netherlands). He is currently pursuing his doctorate degree at the University for Peace (Costa Rica). His research and teaching interests include the political ecology of environmental change, the role of natural resources in violent conflict, development theory, neoliberal environmental governance, and the persistence of overpopulation arguments in environment and development discourse.


Recent Publications:

  • Fletcher, R., J. Breitling, and V. Puleo. 2014. “Barbarian Hordes: The Overpopulation Scapegoat in International Development Discourse.” Third World Quarterly 35(7): 79-99.
  • Fletcher, R., Breitling, J. 2012. Market mechanism or subsidy in disguise? Governing payment for environmental services in Costa Rica. Geoforum (2011), doi: 10.1016/j. Geoforum. 2011.11.008