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Moving UPEACE into the 21st Century

The Charter of the University for Peace (UPEACE) stated, 35 years ago, that:

“The persistence of war in the history of mankind and the growing threats against peace in recent decades jeopardize the very existence of the human race and make it imperative that peace should no longer be viewed as a negative concept, as the end of conflict or as a simple diplomatic compromise, but rather that it should be achieved and ensured through the most valuable and most effective resource that man possesses: education.”

Never has this been truer than at the present moment, with the emergence of asymmetric threats and terrorist actions of global reach, as well as a change of unprecedented magnitude in global political and strategic relations, generating greater global destabilization and a decrease in the effectiveness of the multilateral system. Education for peace must be expanded until it touches all people, everywhere, leading to the common understanding that armed conflict must be relegated to the past.

This will only be accomplished through the persistent training of future world leaders and other stakeholders from Governments, NGOs and the private sector at the academic level in peaceful conflict resolution and the relationships between peace, development, human rights, and environmental protection as conditions for economic development and increased equality.

If you want to be part of this change please do not hesitate and request more information here.