Doctoral Degree of Management in Leadership and Sustainable Development

(in-service D.M. Programme)


The Doctoral Degree of Management Programme in Leadership in Sustainable Development aims to provide in-service doctoral education for business executives through quality and systematic courses on various disciplines and corporate management, during which the candidates will have the chance to talk to ministers, professors, ambassadors and leaders of multinational corporations. They will gain a deep knowledge of the new trends in a globalized economy, learn from the managerial experience of the world's top companies, and become themselves leaders of multinational companies equipped with horizon, strategy, innovation, leadership and an awareness of social responsibility, boosting sustainable economic development in China and around the world.

The programme focuses on providing an interdisciplinary and multicultural opportunity to study leadership and the way it relates to sustainable development. The courses are designed to enable the doctoral candidate to explore, understand and critique theories, concepts, competencies, and values/ethics related to leadership. In the process, students are encouraged to develop and to critically explore specific strategies for implementing these philosophies.

Features of the Doctoral Degree Programme:

1. World-Class Faculty: Some lectures will be delivered by eminent professors from UPEACE and other renowned universities, renowned economists, etc., which aim to answer questions, enhance argumentative abilities and capability of responsible management.

2. Blended Delivery: The flexibility of lectures and online virtual modules allows students to retain full-time employment while completing their coursework for a master's degree programme.

3. Applied Learning: The programme focus on applied learning as hands-on learning creates a solid foundation for tackling the complexity of real-world issues. Guest lectures will be delivered by global Vice-Presidents of Fortune 500 companies, government ministers, executives of top 500 multinational companies, Director-Generals in government, foreign diplomats in China, which will help students better understand policies and management in reality.

4. Field Trips: Study trips to multinational companies and UN bodies.

5. Mentored Dissertation Model: Each candidate will be assigned a dissertation advisor, who will guide the student through the dissertation process starting in year one.

Cohort Structure:

Lectures delivered in the Chinese language (Chinese faculty members will teach in Chinese and non-Chinese faculty members will teach in English, simultaneous translation to Chinese will be provided) based on the following model: 2-3 days of lectures every month (or 6 days of lectures per quarter), as well as blended learning with face-to-face and online components.

Programme Arrangement:

This is a three-year programme. After the completion of the required course work, students will focus on cnducting their research and writing their dissertation.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Zhang Xinyuan

Secretary General

UPEACE Asia Center