Master's Degree in Management, Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development 

(in-service M.I.M. Programme)


The Master’s degree of Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development aims to provide in-service master’s degree education to those relatively new to their job but with great potential. Through excellent courses on corporate management and face-to-face exchanges with well-known professors and senior executives in multinational companies, the courses will allow students to learn from the managerial experience of top global companies, which will then help their own career and the growth of companies where they serve.

The programme emphasizes economic and management perspectives on the concepts of sustainability and responsibility. Issues of rural and urban poverty, growing inequalities and disparities, environmental degradation, financial crises and globalization are challenging political economic stability and social cohesion in all societies. Modern society faces the growing challenge of sustainability; finding solutions that will maintain and protect social systems for future generations. Students from the RMASED Programme will become responsible managers with strong emphasis on sustainability that will be able to work and excel in the corporate sector, public sector or social sector.

Features of the RMASED Programme:

1. World-Class Faculty: Some lectures will be delivered by eminent professors from UPEACE and other renowned universities, renowned economists, etc., which aim to answer questions, enhance argumentative abilities and capability of responsible management.

2. Blended Delivery: The flexibility of lectures and online virtual modules allows students to retain full-time employment while completing their coursework for a master's degree programme.

3. Applied Learning: The programme focus on applied learning as hands-on learning creates a solid foundation for tackling the complexity of real-world issues. Guest lectures will be delivered by global Vice-Presidents of Fortune 500 companies, government ministers, executives of top 500 multinational companies, Director-Generals in government, foreign diplomats in China, which will help students better understand policies and management in reality.

4. Field Trips: Study trips to multinational companies and UN bodies.

Programme Arrangement:

Two-year programme, consisting of 2-3 days of lectures on weekends (face-to-face courses, distance learning and study trips) per month; or 6 days of lectures per quarter.

RMASED students can opt for a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Sustainable Leadership, for which they must complete 21 credits of course work (versus 30 credits) and complete an independent dissertation.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Zhang Xinyuan

Secretary General

UPEACE Asia Center