About the Dual Degree Programme

The Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University (Pace Law) and the University for Peace (UPEACE) have joined together to offer students the opportunity to earn an LLM in Environmental Law from Pace Law with one fall semester in residence at Pace, and an M.A. in International Law and Human Rights at UPEACE with a spring semester in residence at UPEACE. Students would have to apply separately to each degree program and meet the requirements to be admitted into each program separately.

To earn the LLM in Environmental Law from Pace Law, students must earn a total of at least 24 credits.

Fall Semester at Pace Law
Admitted students would spend the fall semester in residence at Pace and earn 9 credits from the following required courses:

  • Environmental Law Survey (3 credits)
  • Introduction to US Legal Research (2 credits)
  • Introduction to American Legal Systems (2 credits)
  • Science for Environmental Lawyers (2 credits)

Students would then take 3-7 additional credits from elective courses in the environmental area. Elective offerings vary, but typically in the fall semester we offer classes such as Administrative Law, Climate Change Seminar, Energy Law, Environmental Dispute Resolution, Environmental Skills and Practice, Historic Preservation, International Environmental Law, Land Use Law, Environmental Justice, and Water Rights Law.

Spring Semester at UPEACE
Students in the dual degree program will then spend the spring semester in residence at UPEACE taking the courses required for the M.A. Degree. Pace Law will accept 12 transfer credits towards the L.L.M from the following UPEACE courses in the M.A. program that have been approved by Pace:

  • DIL-6100-Public International Law (3 credits)
  • DIL-6101-International Human Rights Law (2 credits)
  • DIL-6105-Universal System for Protection of Human Rights (1 credit)
  • DIL-6085-International Law Related to Armed Conflict (3 credits)
  • DIL-6043-Globalization and Human Rights (3 credits)
  • DIL-6102-Regional Mechanisms for Human Rights Protection (3 credits)
  • DIL-6121-Counter-terrorism and Human Rights (2 credits)
  • DIL-6084-International Labour Law (1 credit)
  • DIL-6122-The Right to Peace (1 credit)
  • DIL-6106-Indigenous Peoples' Rights (1 credit)
  • DIL-7100, DIL-7200, DIL-7500-Graduation Project: ISP-Thesis (8 credits) or Internship (8 credits) or Capstone (5 credits).

For more information, please contact specialprogrammes@upeace.org.