M.Sc. in Ecology and Society



Application Deadline

31 May 2024

M.Sc. in Ecology and Society

The Master of Science Degree in Ecology and Society (ES) has been designed in response to the currently recognized global need for Master’s-level trained Ecologists to address local to international level environmental issues. Students will gain the knowledge and skills to characterize, understand, restore, manage and maintain the planet’s ecosystems, and determine the correlations between healthy, sustained habitats and the ecosystem services they provide to benefit society and the rest of the biosphere, all while being able to explain/describe these concepts from the scientific, quantitative, societal, political, temporal and spatial perspectives, all of which are required of the next generation of fully engaged Ecologists.

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About the Programme​

Resident Faculty

Dr. Olivia Sylvester

Department Head & Associate Professor

Dr. Jan Breitling

Associate Professor

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