From July 7 through July 11, the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education will be hosting a brand new workshop, Education 2.0: Educating in Fast-Changing Times.

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He who dares to teach must never cease to learn…

Educating in today´s world can be quite overwhelming. This workshop will allow you the space and structure to design an intervention that responds to the central question: “What will be important for your students to know, value and be able to do in a future that’s hard to visualize?”  The course will bring together innovative educational leaders and practitioners from around the world who are committed to being actors, not spectators. By the end of this workshop, you will have developed an action plan to implement an innovative idea into your professional education context at home.


Who Should Enroll?

Innovative educators at all levels – teachers, university professors, administrators and non-formal educators – are the primary target audience. However, anyone who considers himself or herself an ‘educator’ and who is interested in being a changemaker in the education world will benefit tremendously from this course.


This seminar integrates a combination of classroom time and workshops with targeted field visits that present themes from the classroom in real life situations. Lectures are offered on the campus of the University for Peace, with field trips around the greater San Jose area. Lunches and snacks included, and we can help you find great local hotels or set up a stay with a host family nearby.


Contact us today to get involved and join us for this wonderful opportunity!


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Julia Delafield

Associate Director, UPEACE Centre for Executive Education

U.N. mandated University for Peace