With Sponsorship from: The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Canadian Embassy, the OAS, SICA, ICSF, the EU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica.

Date: Tuesday December 2, 2014.

Time: 8: 15 am to 1 pm. Students and others interested, workshops will be extended from 14:00 to 16:00.

Location: University for Peace, Headquarters Rodrigo Carazo Odio, Costa Rica


8:15 am    




8:30 am


Remarks by Mr. Francisco Rojas Aravena ,   Rector of the University for Peace

Ms. Mette Gonggrijp Ambassador of the   Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Mr. José Luis Martínez , Chargé European   Union

Mr. Alejandro Solano, Vice Chancellor of   Costa Rica

Ms. Mireille Ouellet, Embassy of Canada in Costa Rica

9:00 am

First Panel: 100 years of   the IWW What have we learned about the conflict?

Panelists: PhD. Constantino Urcuyo, Profesor Universidad de Costa Rica

PhD. Hal Klepak, Member   of the UPEACE Council

10:15 am



10:30 am

Second Panel: Justice as a tool for   conflict resolution.

Panelists:  Mr. Pedro Vuskovic, Ambassador of the OAS in   Panama and Coordinator of Inter-American Program of Judicial Facilitators

Mr. Max Loria, Program Director Violence   Prevention and Public Safety for FUNPADEM


11:30 am

Third Panel: Disarmament Policy in the world   and the Costa Rican experience.

Panelist: PhD. Eduardo   Ulibarri. Former Ambassador of Costa Rica in the United Nations.


12:30 am

Closing ceremony


Words from Ms.  Yoriko Yasukawa, Director UNDP Costa Rica.


1:00 pm



 For more information please contact  Monica Paniagua mpaniagua@upeace.org or lelsner@upeace.org