M.A. in Indigenous Science and Peace Studies


Hybrid and face-to-face

Application Deadline

15 October 2024

M.A. in Indigenous Science and Peace Studies

The confluence of cutting edge Western and Indigenous science and knowledge has opened the doors to a new paradigm of peace and development. The Master of Arts in Indigenous Science and Peace Studies (ISPS) brings these two ways of knowing together to challenge a failing framework with time-tested methodologies that sustain life and create transformative opportunities amidst the global catastrophes we face right now. The transformation of policy, diplomacy, development models, and innovative technologies in ways that respect the interconnections of people and facilitate stronger and more sustainable solutions across all sectors of society, is at the core of the programme. Taught from the perspective of indigenous science and wisdom,

ISPS offers students the opportunity to be immersed in exchanges with Indigenous knowledge keepers, community leaders, scholars and scientists from around the globe. They will be required to conduct research into one of their ancestral lineages to deepen the understanding of their earth-based connections. Students will learn about indigenous science methodologies, decoloniality, and the legacies of modernity and colonialism. Throughout the programme, students will be challenged to learn more about their own identity. This approach enables students to embody life-sustaining principles in their work on behalf of people’s sovereignty, self-determination, and peace. ISPS will focus students’ determination and skills, igniting a clear fire vision for Earth’s renewal.

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