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Please write down your Application Form ID number. If you choose to save your application without completing it, you must enter this ID number to return to your saved application. The Admissions Office does not have access to this number. The information in this section will be saved once you click the NEXT button. Use your application ID to come back to your application anytime. Please click Save & Continue to advance through the screens. Once you have completed the application, please click SUBMIT.

Tips for a successful application:

  • Use Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge/Firefox for best results
  • Please take note of your application code before you begin your application
  • Avoid lengthy naming and/or special characters when labelling your files (i.e. periods, commas, parentheses, ampersands, asterisks, etc.)
  • Your files size should be maximum 1MB
  • Use the "save and continue" button to move through the different sections of your application
  • If, for some reason, you are unable to return to your saved application using your Application ID or email, please contact the Admissions Office at

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