2016 Malinalli Prize is awarded to Dr. Francisco Rojas Aravena, Rector of the University for Peace




8 November 2016. Tabasco, Mexico - The award given to Dr. Francisco Rojas Aravena, from the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, emphasizes his recognized academic career, his invaluable contributions to the processes of social integration and his hard work in the establishment and maintenance of positive relations between countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In its Eighth Edition, the Malinalli National Prize for the Promotion of the Arts, Human Rights and Cultural Diversity, paid a well-deserved tribute to different personalities, institutions and organizations for their intellectual work, research and creative work, which have contributed to plurality, the strengthening of civic and democratic values, gender equity and social integration, as is the case of Dr. Rojas.

With more than 80 books written, Dr. Francisco Rojas has been a Fulbright Professor at the Latin American and Caribbean Center at the University of Florida. On this occasion, the statuette was in honor of "La Malinche", an iconic woman from Mexican history who with her life and work contributed to the Mexican miscegenation.

During the event, Dr. Francisco Rojas gave a speech in which he reaffirmed his commitment to peace, democracy and the rule of law, multilateralism, human rights, regional integration and the formation of new generations with academic excellence.

“This award broadens my commitment, with the ongoing task of building a common voice in Latin America, that reflects our identity, our values and our willingness to develop a consensual vision to build a better world.”

He also recalled in his words the current situation of Latin America, where he said:

“Latin America is at a complex crossroad, a product of the global economic and financial crisis. To this are added complex governance crises in the large countries of the region.”

During his visit to Mexico, the Rector was a special guest to a conference in which he spoke about sustainable development, climate change and the culture of peace. In addition, on 10 November he wrote for the Tabasco Newspaper. He contributed with an article entitled "Trump will not be very Trump", in which he assures that the United States would not be able to subsist in isolation and with a protectionist nationalism, despite the promise of reviewing current Foreign Trade Agreements with North America and others.

With this well deserved award, Dr. Francisco Rojas Aravena continues to stand out as an educator for peace, committed to unity in diversity, and a hardworker for global integration.

He ended his speach with the famous quote by the founder of the University: "If you want peace, educate for peace."