Advisor of the Colombian Strategic Command for Transition visits the University for Peace




15 October 2015. University for Peace Campus - Colonel Wilson Díaz, Advisor of the Strategic Command for Transition of Colombia, visited the University for Peace (UPEACE) with the aim of exploring possibilities for cooperation in helping to prepare the Colombian armed forces on post-conflict issues.

The Strategic Command was created in 2014 by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, with the aim of supervising the demobilization and disarmament of the guerrilla. The topic of post-conflict – defined as the phase following the definitive signing of the peace accords – has been at the forefront of the official Colombian agenda since the agreements achieved in Havana between the Colombian government and FARC forces last year. The post-conflict phase assumes a social restructuring, including issues such as public safety, rehabilitation and peacebuilding agreements.

For this reason, the Colombian government is interested in exploring the possibility of receiving personalized training and capacity-building programmes developed by UPEACE and focused on all issues surrounding peace and conflict, including gender training, conflict transformation and resolution, and human rights issues. UPEACE has similar experience organizing these types of programmes for other Latin American countries, and these have been highly.

On 5 December 2015, UPEACE will celebrate 35 years of educating new generations in the field of conflict resolution and transformation, tolerance and  peaceful coexistence, and international cooperation, which includes working with Central and South American countries on matters of conflict and post-conflict. Colombia constitutes one of the signatory countries of the Charter of the University for Peace.

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