Annual Report 2014 UPEACE Centre The Hague




11 May 2015. University for Peace at The Hague, The Netherlands - For the third time in its existence UPEACE Centre The Hague (UPEACE The Hague) presents its annual report. Established in the beginning of 2012, as the European centre of the UN mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) in Costa Rica, it went through three challenging years. From its small office in the Academy Building of the Peace Palace, UPEACE The Hague has been contributing to the ambitions of The Hague as “International City of Peace and Justice” in several ways. In 2014 for instance by delivering various courses in Peace and Conflict Studies in the Bachelor Programmes of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, by performing policy relevant research in the area of peace and human security, by organising a lecture series, by co-organizing a seminar on (international) water conflicts as well as a network meeting on the Earth Charter, and by supporting the awarding of the MA Thesis Prize “Visions on Peace” 2014.

UPEACE The Hague continues to actively seek cooperation with several organizations and institutes in the field of conflict settlement and peacebuilding. The City Government of The Hague and the Board of The Hague University of Applied Sciences strongly support this goal. However, due to its tight financial situation in 2014 several strategic adjustments were necessary in order to create a solid base for future development of the Centre.

This annual report describes the most important events for the Alliance for the University for Peace as well as for its subsidiary UPEACE Centre The Hague. Chapter 1.2 provides a short history and the objectives of the Alliance for UPEACE as well as its relationship with the University for Peace in Costa Rica. Chapter 1.3 describes UPEACE Centre The Hague: its organization and financial developments, the core programmes, its events and activities in 2014 and its partnerships and networks. The last chapter contains a closing remark by the Chairman of the Alliance for UPEACE as well as an outlook for the future.

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Annual Report 2014