Call for Contributions: “Politics, Responsibility and Peace”




Call for Contributions

“Politics, Responsibility and Peace”

Refugees – For Belonging to the World: New Approaches and Solutions

The University for Peace is delighted to announce its Call for Contributions -  Refugees for Belonging to the World: New Approaches and Solutions, with which it aims to contribute towards the ongoing debate and approaches on the refugee problem worldwide. The call is a result of the International Colloquium which took place at the University for Peace from 21st-23rd November, 2017, with sponsorship from the German Exchange Service Office (DAAD, San Jose) and with special contribution from Prof. Wolfgang Heuer – Free University of Berlin, Germany.

According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Report from 2016, there are currently in the world 65.6 million forcibly displaced people out of whom 22.5 million are refugees. However, these are not figures only, but persons who had lost their profession, home, belonging to community and world, and familiarity of everyday life. Pandora box of human rights had been wide open and persisting. In meanwhile, humanity and world is caught not only unprepared, but without any possible and ongoing solutions on the horizon. The refugee’s situation worldwide had opened many questions and issues which demand re-examining and re-thinking human rights interdisciplinary. In relation to numerous phenomenon’s such as growing: autocratic and totalitarian regimes, nationalism, xenophobia and populism, including the effectiveness of criminal justice in persecution of perpetrators responsible for crimes against humanity and genocide.

Hence, we welcome contributions that will focus on the following contextual and contentious aspects, but not limited:

  •       Refugees - growing populism and nationalism, including hate speech;
  •       Nation-state, sovereignty and refugees;
  •       Are refugee camps a solution? - loss of home and addressing homelessness;
  •       Refugees, asylum laws and cross border policies;
  •       Adequacy of the Refugees Convention in 21st Century, and institutional approaches;
  •       Refugees situation in Latin America, challenges, threats and solutions in times of instability and autocratic regimes;
  •       Refugees situation in Asia with focus on Rohingya community;
  •       Criminal justice and refugees;
  •       Refugees and transitional justice, and their inclusion within work of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.

Guidelines for the papers:

  •   From 6000 to 8000 words count;
  •   Times New Roman style 12 font;
  •   Chicago Citation Style.

Please submit your full essays by 1st April, 2018, to