Diploma Programme in Energy and Climate Change: Law and Governance comes to a close




14 October 2015. University for Peace Campus - On the 13th of this month, 27 professionals successfully completed the Energy and Climate Change Programme, conducted by the University for Peace in collaboration with the Costa Rican Institute for Electricity (ICE) and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The programme had a duration of two months and included the study of topics such as the latest developments of the law at the national, regional and international level with regards to energy. Both regulatory and public policy issues were presented and discussed from a comparative approach, in addition to the causes and impacts of global warming on specific populations and environmental groups, as well as water and food security. The various interdependencies between energy consumption and climate change were also discussed. Beyond that, participants evaluated and discussed the current challenges facing Costa Rica in both the area of energy production and with regards to combating climate change.

For more information on the curricula of the Diploma Programme on Energy and Climate Change, or to contact us about other Diploma Programmes, visit us at: http://upeace.org/academic/other-studies-at-upeace/diplomado-energia-y-cambio-climatico.