Discover the city of Ciudad Colón through the eyes of UPEACE students




14 February 2014. El Rodeo, Ciudad Colón - The University for Peace (UPEACE) is located very close to Ciudad Colon, a small town of 12000 people population, where the majority of the students reside. Last month, students participating in a new course entitled, "New Media Tools for Change: Practical Multimedia Technologies for the Peacemaker" implemented a media project with the core objective to create a relationship between UPEACE students and the local community of Ciudad Colón.

The course, led by Tatiana Philiptchenko (Canada) and Ingmar Zahorsky (Germany) who graduate from MA programme in Peace and Conflict Studies in 2011, introduced innovative media tools that can be used by NGOs, community organizations, activists, and individuals interested in raising awareness about important social causes.

“This has been an extremely challenging three weeks but we can proudly say that the UPEACE students who took on this course are an amazing group that will undoubtedly push the boundaries of the Internet towards a transformative tool for peace,” said Tatiana Philiptchenko.

For the final course project, the students were divided into four different groups and were responsible for developing and implementing a media campaign on specific topics in Ciudad Colón: Family Business, Daily Life, Youth, and Arts and Culture. Students were required to design and implement their own digital platforms, such as a website and social media page with accompanying photo essays, articles and videos. In the short period, students produced their own powerful multimedia websites featuring the local community where most of the University body resides. Visit the students' new and interactive websites and get a more personal look at Ciudad Colon.

“One of the most rewarding experiences was hearing the reactions that community members had at seeing their voices online in a public space - amazement, gratitude, pride.  We've begun something that has grown life far beyond the classroom," expressed Julia Coburn, Media, Peace and Conflict Studies graduate student.

For more information, please contact Ana Lucía Guerrero at, or call to (506) 2205-9000.