Dr. Takeju Ogata receives Doctor Honoris Causa degree




San Jose, Costa Rica, Rodrigo Carazo Campus, University for Peace, 24 April 2017. Dr. Takeju Ogata, President of the Nippon Foundation, was given a Doctor Honoris Causa degree today for his contribution to the ideals of peace, tolerance and human progress.

The Nippon Foundation sponsors, among many other projects, the Asian Peacebuilders’ Scholarship (APS) Programme with the University for Peace and the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines.  This programme has been active for ten years and has graduated approximately 300 students from South-East Asia.

Upon receiving this honorary degree, Dr. Ogata said “We must aim for a society without weapons, a state in which weapons are eliminated.  Considering humans’ characteristics, conflict will not be eliminated without the elimination of weapons.  Unless conflict is eliminated, weapons will exist.”

Watch the full ceremony here: https://youtu.be/IVmYEPNa-RA

For more information about the Nippon Foundation and the Asia Peacebuilders' Scholarship programme: http://www.nippon-foundation.or.jp/en/news/articles/2015/10.html