HOPE XXL finalizes global vision on the future in Costa Rica




23 January 2015. University for Peace - The Global Summit is organized in close cooperation with the United Nations mandated University for Peace and takes place at their campus in Costa Rica. Around 75 young people from dozens of countries take part in the event. HOPE XXL director Chris van de Ven: "Costa Rica is the happiest country on earth.

With HOPE XXL we want to increase wellbeing worldwide. To us, Costa Rica is the perfect place to organize the Global Summit."

HOPE XXL started in 2009 in The Netherlands. Ten young people from the Liemers region together developed the first version of the Liemers List: a long term vision on the future. Ever since, HOPE XXL has grown into an international movement with thousands of young people joining and sharing their ideas. During a series of international events, including the 2012 European conference with Kofi Annan, the Liemers List was developed further. At the Global Summit in Costa Rica it will be finalized by young people from all over the world.

Directly after the conference a HOPE XXL delegation will travel to the United Nations in New York. There, Yama Akbari (24) will present the global Liemers List at a UN conference on February 3

He is invited by UN Youth Envoy Ahmad Alhendawi who was mandated by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with the task of bringing the voices of young people to the United Nations System. Yama grew up in the Liemers region and involved with HOPE XXL from the very beginning: "We have always wanted to present the Liemers List to the United Nations. I’m thrilled it is now happening."

The Global Summit is supported by the vfonds (www.vfonds.nl).


Photos and contact details:

https://copy.com/Y1Ucfki9jKZEtXBy Ambassador Yama (24) presents HOPE XXL at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on February 3


rd, 2015 (photo credit: Amrah Schotanus).

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/346941/foto3.JPG Kofi Annan speaks at the European HOPE XXL conference, Leiden 2012 (photo credit: Amrah Schotanus).

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