Meeting of the Cultures!




13 October 2014. University for Peace Campus - The UPEACE Sustainability Club’s Social Sustainability announced its second annual ‘Meeting of the Cultures Day’ on 10 October, 2014 in the El Rodeo community where the University resides.              

Costa Rica’s Día de las Culturas, is a day that celebrates the mix of European, American, African, and Asian cultures all over Latin America. Although the Día de las Culturas is only celebrated once a year, we at UPEACE experience it every day. We are incredibly privileged to be able to call ourselves a truly multicultural school, and it seemed appropriate on the Día de las Culturas to share that experience with the local community.

The UPEACE-ers set up their booths inside the old Community Center with games, music, language activities, food, and fun facts. The El Rodeo students took their Pasaportes Culturales ‘around the world’ to get stamped in exchange for answering questions related to the booths they visited. Our ‘Meeting of the Cultures’ day was fun, engaging, and most importantly an opportunity to learn!         

This year we were fortunate to have representation from Bangladesh, Canada, Costa Rica, East Timor, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The students were enthusiastic and the administration gave such positive feedback that the Sustainability Club’s Social Sustainability Initiative, along with UPEACE alumna Leticia Perelstein, hopes to coordinate monthly workshops at the school to offer a more in-depth experience from cultures of just one region at a time. The Social Sustainability Initiative is also active in teaching English to the El Rodeo students, three times per week.

Furthermore, we are in the process of coordinating a second ‘Meeting of the Cultures’ day, planned for early 2015.

For more information, please contact Ana Lucía Guerrero at, or call to (506) 2205-9000.