President of the Chilean Diplomat Academy, Mr. Pablo Cabrera visits UPEACE




8 October 2013. University for Peace Campus - The President of the Chilean Diplomat Academy, Mr. Pablo Cabrera and the Ambassador of Chile to Costa Rica, Miguel Angel Gonzalez, visited the University for Peace (UPEACE).

The representatives met with the Rector of the University, Dr. Francisco Rojas Aravena, and the Dean of Academic Affairs, Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo, in order to discuss about the current challenges of peace and diplomacy, and the role of the University in international affairs and possible future collaborations between UPEACE and the Chilean government.

Ambassador Pablo Cabrera also gave a lecture to the students entitled "Diplomacy and Global Governance", to highlight the role of diplomacy in the world in terms of Human Rights and democracy. "The value of Diplomacy is the contribution to peace, cooperation, development and settling down disputes", added Mr. Cabrera.

At the end of this presentation, Mr. Cabrera and Mr. Gonzalez had an open session of questions with the students and professors.

Ambassador Pablo Cabrera has a law degree from the Pontificial Catholic University and joined the Foreign Service. In 2010 he became Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Chile. Mr. Cabrera, has a remarkable history in diplomacy. He served as Ambassador to the Vatican (2006-2010), the Sovereign Order of Malta (2006-2010), Albania (2006-2010), the Republic of China (2004-2006), the Russian Federation (2000 -2004), Ukraine (2000-2004), United Kingdom (1999-2000) and Ireland (1999-2000)

He has also been president of the Chilean delegation to various organizations, international including the Convention Sea, the Antarctic Treaty, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the International Whaling Commission, the Authority International Seabed Authority and the Commission on Development Sustainable.

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