Prof. Adam Baird to publish in the new book Violence at the Urban Margins by Oxford University Press




  • Assistant Professor at the University for Peace, Adam Baird to publish his chapter 'Duros and Gangland Girlfriends: Male Identity, Gang Socialisation and Rape in Medellín' in the new book Violence at the Urban Margins, edited by Javier Auyero, Philippe Bourgois, and Nancy Scheper-Hughes, to be published by Oxford University Press. 

7 May 2014. University for Peace Campus - Professor Baird took part in the 2013 workshop titled “Violence at the Urban Margins,” which gave rise to the book, held at The University of Texas at Austin, which brought together scholars conducting cutting-edge ethnographic research on the role of violence in the lives of the urban poor in South, Central, and North America. For two days, conference participants discussed violence and its impacts in their respective field sites—as diverse as Philadelphia, Medellín, and Managua—and compared and contrasted their own findings with those of co-participants working across national and/or continental borders. 

The volume that resulted from the workshop, also titled Violence at the Urban Margins, presents the papers that were workshopped in Austin together in printed form.

The readers of this book are invited to see theory in action­­—­­­the creative use of a diverse set of theoretical and analytical tools to illuminate particular aspects of the sources, experiences, uses, and effects of violence.


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