Special Envoy for International Cyber Policies for the Kingdom of the Netherlands visits UPEACE




19 October 2016. University for Peace Campus - Last 19thof October, Dr. Uri Rosenthal, Special Envoy for International Cyber Policies for the Kingdom of the Netherlands, visited the University for Peace campus to share with UPEACE students about cybersecurity and human rights on the internet. Dr. Rosenthal is the former Minister of International Affairs of the Netherlands and was accompanied by Ambassador Peter Derek Hof, current representative of this country in Costa Rica.

This important visit had two aims: first, promoting the liberty policy on the internet, and second inviting all nations around the world to build projects searching for cybersecurity in the and promoting respect for human rights in virtual spaces.

The Dutch Government has been involved with the development of UPEACE for many years and has recognized its relevance in working for the establishment of peace.

During his lecture, he explained that governments do not have control over approximately 90% of the information on the Internet, this percentage is called the “dark net”. In addition, he emphasized the role of “the internet triangle” composed by open free internet, security on internet, and tools to promote economic and social information linked by communications.

Students from different nations participated in the event and asked questions related to diplomacy, development and defense, which are important topics for the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

At the end of the conference, Dr. Rosenthal congratulated the students and the University for their commitment and dedication with the development of justice and peace in conflict situations around the world. Finally, he encouraged all to contribute more significantly with the building of a more secure and free internet for all.

For more information, please contact Ana Lucía Guerrero at aguerrero@upeace.org or call +506 2205-9000.