The University for Peace and the Human Rights Project train Honduran Judicial System and Public Ministry Officers




31 October 2015. Tegucigalpa, Honduras - One of the objectives of the University for Peace, is that through the International Law of Human Rights programme - supported by the Project, “Strengthening the Rule of Law for Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Honduras”-  Judicial System and Public Ministry Officers can implement the knowledge learned in this postgraduate programme, at their job positions and also to share new techniques with members of their institutions, civil groups or other State entities.

Because of this, cooperating organizations involved in this project - including 16 current students enrolled in the postgraduate and 6 facilitators from the Judicial School and the Formation School of the Public Ministry - decided to carry out the “Training Tutors on Human Rights Course”, which yielded them the appropriate knowledge and preparation in training techniques and how to replicate them appropriately in Human Rights.

This course began on 29, 30 and 31 October in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, giving the opportunity to the participants to carry out their practice in the month of November of the current year, applying the knowledge learned, through the conduction of several workshops for groups of interest in several cities across the country.

Among the contents developed across the on-site classes and that participants will now put in practice in their trainings, are: Human Rights Education, Pedagogy Principles, Non-Violent Communication, Conflict Resolutions, Participative Teaching Methods, and some others.

The course facilitation and monitoring was executed by Dr. Ursula Straka, Venezuelan lawyer, and Helme Castro, Honduran pedagogue; both experts in training and Human Rights.

For more information, please contact Ana Lucía Guerrero at, or call to +506 2205-9000.