University for Peace co-sponsors and participates in the 30th Anniversary of the Declaration on the Right to Development




29 February 2016. Geneva, Switzerland - On 29 February, the University for Peace (UPEACE) co-sponsored an event in Geneva which marked the 30th Anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Right to Development. The event, titled "In Search of Dignity for All: The Right to Development at 30", took place at the Palais des Nations and was co-sponsored by The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Forum of Catholic – Inspired NGOs.

For UPEACE, this event is particularly special because it coincides with its 35th Anniversary. Both anniversaries provide a unique moment of reflection, as they have arrived within the backdrop of the adoption of a new and ambitious collective global plan of action for transforming our world by 2030 through the implementation of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UPEACE will attempt to contribute most strongly through SDG 4 – related to Education – and SDG 16 – related to justice and the building of strong institutions.

During the event, the representative for UPEACE, Dr. Mihir Kanade – Head of the Department of International Law and Human Rights, and Director of the UPEACE Human Rights Centre, as well as an Alum of UPEACE – participated as a panellist. The title of his resulting paper, on which his talk was based, is Advancing Peace, Rights and Well-being: A Right to Development Approach to SDGs as the Way Forward. After outlining the importance of the 2030 Agenda, Dr. Kanade told the forum that “the right to development approach to the SDGs is the only way forward if we are to have a safe journey to a sustainable future.”

During the event, a new instructional video titled ‘The Right to Development is Development Done Right’ was also released.  More information about the event can be found here.

Full copy of Dr. Kanade’s presentation can be found at

As part of his trip, Dr. Kanade also participated in the opening session of the Human Rights Council, during which developing countries in particular, pushed for adoption of a Right to Development approach to the SDGs. Many delegations, particularly Brazil, China, and Egypt, asked Professor Kanade about possibilities for academic guidance from UPEACE on the scope and content of the Right to Development, and how it can be operationalized.

Finally, Dr. Kanade had the opportunity to present the results of his doctoral thesis research at the World Trade Organization (WTO), as part of the official ’LAD Speaker Series’ that the WTO organizes for its staff. Carrying forward the collaboration with the WTO, a senior representative from the WTO will co-teach a course on International Economic Law within the UPEACE Department of International Law during the next academic year, alongside Professor Kanade.

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