University for Peace is the protagonist of the latest edition of the Italian magazine Quaderni di Casa America




28 October 2015. San José, Costa Rica - “Insieme per la Pace” (Together for Peace) is the name given to the latest edition of the Italian magazine, Quaderni di Casa America, published by the Casa America Foundation, whose mission is to spread greater knowledge of the Hispanic cultural heritage throughout Italy.

"Casa America Foundation and Quaderni di Casa America constitute a space for dialogue and reflection, mainly from the European Union and Italy with Latin America and beyond," said Roberto Speciale, President of the Casa America Foundation, about this edition.

The University for Peace had the privilege of being the protagonist of this 4th edition of Quaderni di Casa America, presented on 7 October 2015 in Rome. The event was presided by the Deputy and Mayor of the Municipality of Genoa, Stefano Bernini. After the presentation, the Rector of the University for Peace, Dr. Francisco Rojas-Aravena, dialogued with executives of the Municipality of Genoa on peace and how to implement peace-related initiatives at the local level.

The Insieme per la Pace edition included articles by the Rector of the University for Peace, Francisco Rojas Aravena, the UPEACE Dean for International Cooperation, Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo, the UPEACE Dean for Academic Affairs, Sara Sharratt, and First Lady of Costa Rica and Member of the UPEACE Council, Mercedes Peñas Domingo.

Casa America Foundation and the University for Peace have joined forces in the production of this edition of Quaderni di Casa America, whose articles reflect the views of both institutions and reaffirm their will to continue with the permanent labor of advocating the universal values related to peace, human rights and sustainable development. Their joint objective is to advance this vision based on international cooperation and the promotion, through education, of cooperative multilateralism. Both institutions are currently working on signing a cooperation agreement to further execute joint initiatives of mutual interest.

See the video with the presentation of the magazine:

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