University for Peace mitigates violence in Karamoja, Africa through sports, theatre and women-led peace initiatives




22 April 2013. Uganda - The University for Peace launched the “Karamoja Cluster Project” (KCP) – a cross-border project aimed at mitigating pastoral violence within the Karamoja Cluster of Kenya and Uganda. The project uses people-to-people approaches, with a focus on community theatre, sports, and women-led peace initiatives.

This project supports peacebuilding capacity in the region and brings neighbours together through interactive activities that unite and promote dialogue in the midst of recent violence. Storytelling and the use of participatory theatre are used to develop and share messages of peace and conflict transformation. Sports activities, a popular past time for these communities, is a vehicle to bring people into contact and dialogue.

UPEACE and its Africa Programme have partnered with three African institutions to implement this project:  Uganda Martyrs University’s Department of Good Governance and Peace Studies;  Children Peace Initiative Kenya; and The Interdisciplinary Center for Sports Science and Development, University Of The Western Cape. The KCP is funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, a long-standing supporter of UPEACE.

KCP Director Dr. Tony Karbo highlights the profound impact this project is making in the conflict region: "It was a wonderful experience to see how communities on both sides of the border are hungry for peace. What is missing in my view is the capacity to achieve peace and the opportunity to build on those capacities. I believe KCP provides that opportunity and we should continue to work relentlessly in that direction as we proceed with the implementation of our project."

For more information, please contact Laura Arroyo at, or call to (506) 2205-9000.