UPEACE celebrates commencement 2015




15 June 2015. University for Peace Campus - The University for Peace (UPEACE) celebrated the Commencement 2015 ceremony at its Rodrigo Carazo Campus. More than 150 students representing at least 40 countries celebrated the conclusion of their academic year and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

In the words of the rector of UPEACE “…The experience of 35 years of UPEACE is expressed in your theoretical and practical knowledge and tools. You are able to impact locally and in a global reality. The challenges are many, as are the risks facing humanity, especially Peace... Without cooperation, all costs are increased. We need Peace to exercise our rights, the rights of the people. "

The university was honored to have, as this year’s keynote speaker, First Lady, Council Member, and Alumna Mercedes Peña-Domingo, who congratulated the graduates for their commitment and dedication.

"I want begin by congratulating all the graduates who today successfully completed a programme of studies that is undoubtedly the result of individual effort and teamwork, dedication and commitment on behalf of each of you and that represents a beginning for some and for others the continuity of a professional life that I hope and desire is filled with satisfaction."

"Since UPEACE was created, by request of the government of Costa Rica, the principles that have prevailed at this university where I studied and in this country where I live are based on respect, harmony, understanding, tolerance and cooperation. I urge you to work together to honor the principles that founded this university of which we are all part. No matter which part of the world we come from or where we’re going, may we always adhere to the highest values in building more democratic and fair societies and may we do so around the pillars of sustainable development, human security, and peace for the entire world."

The event was presided by the Rector of the University for Peace, Dr. Francisco Rojas Aravena and was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps and international organizations, UPEACE staff alumni, and the graduates’ families, among other special guests.

Since its creation in 1980 by the General Assembly, UPEACE has attracted students representing over 100 nationalities who have completed its academic programmes and are currently working in a variety of institutions in the field of peace and conflict studies, including local governments, local and international NGOs, universities, and United Nations-related bodies, among others.

The next academic year will begin in August 2015. For more information on admissions to UPEACE, please visit www.upeace.org or write to admissions@upeace.org.


Mercedes Peña - Keynote Speaker

Francisco Rojas Aravena - Rector

Jamili Natasha Gooneratne - Valedictorian



Mercedes Peña

Francisco Rojas

Ms Jamilii Natasha Gooneratne - Valedictor 2015