UPEACE Centre for Executive Education: Diploma in Social Innovation




22 October 2013. University for Peace Campus - Just a few short months ago, the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education launched its Diploma in Social Innovation, a dynamic, innovative program designed to prepare participants with the skills and motivation they need to start a social enterprise or new initiative within their organization.

Social innovators seek to create positive change, in themselves and in those around them. They embody the core values espoused by the United Nations – that we are one human family living in a highly interdependent world.

The Diploma in Social Innovation consists of taking five of the Centre’s online courses over an 18-month period, including the capstone course, ‘Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change.’ Participants can choose their additional courses to focus on negotiation skills, design thinking, measuring impact, education or social media. All of the courses are specially designed to incite a ‘changemaker’ mindset. The online platform of the classes allows for truly global classrooms, where points of view and experience from all around the world are shared amongst peers. Highly qualified instructors further enhance the experience, guiding participants through the material and providing thoughtful feedback and advice.

The first cohort of Social Innovation Diploma holders will soon be finishing the program, and we’re excited to welcome newcomers to join.

Enroll online at http://centre.upeace.org/courses, or write us at centre@upeace.org for more information.

Julia Delafield Associate Director, UPEACE Centre for Executive Education U.N. mandated University for Peace www.centre.upeace.org