UPEACE Forum: Working in the UN System: Potential & Challenges




By Dr. Mayumi Yamada 
Research Fellow, Global Collaboration Centre (GLOCOL)
Osaka University 

Working in the UN system is challenging, but rewarding. There is plenty of potential to make a good change with people through the funds and  programmes of, for example,  the Millennium Development Goals & post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, Good Governance, Poverty Reduction, Energy & Environment, Conflict Prevention & Recovery. This session shares practical field experiences, in particular, in Lao PDR (Greater Involvement of People Affected by HIV/AIDS: GIPA), Solomon Islands (Provincial Government Strengthening Programme: PGSP) & Nepal (Community Based Disaster Management: CBDM).

An open forum on working in the UN system follows, empowering those who wish to make a positive change on this planet.

Bio:    Mayumi Yamada , Ph.D.

Recovery, Reintegration & Peace Building (RRP) Officer, United Nations Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS) (April, 2013 - June 30, 2014). During the December Crisis in South Sudan, she remained as a critical (life-saving) staff, directly managed one of the biggest Protection of Civilians sites (UNMISS Tomping PoC) and supported humanitarian assistance during armed-conflicts in the capital Juba. At least 27,000 people’s lives were saved in the UNMISS Tomping compound.  Before the crisis, she drafted the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) South Sudan (2014-2016). Before joining UNMISS, she worked with UNDP Offices in Kazakhstan, Maldives, Lao PDR and Solomon Islands.  She holds a Ph.D in Sustainable Development from Imperial College London. She is also one of the survivors from the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake in 1995. 


Monday, 25 May, 12–1.15 pm

Venue: Class # 2