UPEACE receives 26 colombian students from the Universidad Javeriana de Cali




16 January 2017. San José, Costa Rica, Rodrigo Carazo Campus. For the fifth consecutive year, UPEACE welcomed 26 students from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali (Colombia). They visited UPEACE for a 4-week course as part of the dual-degree programme between Universidad Javeriana and the University for Peace. Participants can use the credits towards obtaining a post-graduate degree under one of the two modalities allowed under the agreement: a joint M.A. degree in Human Rights and Culture for Peace or one of the regular M.A. degrees offered by the University for Peace. This dual programme dates back to 2010.

The Pontifical Javeriana University (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana) is a private, higher-education institution founded in 1623. It is one of the oldest, most traditional, and prestigious Colombian universities, directed by the Society of Jesus, with its facilities in Bogota and a second campus in Cali. "La Javeriana", as its students know it, has traditionally educated the Colombian elite and is one of the 28 universities entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America. Javeriana University has 18 schools, 61 academic departments, and 181 academic programs, giving the university its multidisciplinary reputation. Javeriana University is one of twelve universities in Colombia to have received a high-quality institutional accreditation, granted through Resolution 1320 by the Ministry of National Education, for a period of eight years. The University has 21 undergraduate programs with high-quality accreditation and 8 programs in advanced stages of the accreditation process. Regarding graduate programs, quality is acknowledged through the Qualified Registries. The university has 87 graduate programs with Qualified Registry recognition and has presented another 29 to the process.

This year, the professors who taught the different sessions included UPEACE Resident Faculty members (Jan Breitling, Olivia Sylvester, Alonso Muñoz and Juan Carlos Sainz Borgo), as well as UPEACE Rector Francisco Rojas Aravena and Visiting Faculty members Heather Kertyzia and Luis Maira Aguirre. Professor Maira is currently a special representative in the peace process that is being held in Colombia and his lectures were mainly focused on this process and the projections towards peace in the post-conflict stage. Special Guest Sebastián Baquerano, Ambassador of El Salvador in Costa Rica, spoke about the peace process his country went through in the 90s.

Out of the 26 students, 16 are women, including a mother who has brought her husband and infant with her and who have become part of the UPEACE family, inspiring us with their companionship and happiness. All of the students of this programme have brought a different contribution to the lessons and student life at UPEACE. We look forward to receiving the next group of Javeriana students next year!