UPEACE Starts Summer Programme at its Campus with UC Berkeley




28 May, 2014. University for Peace Campus - From 26 May to 4 July, more than 20 undergraduate students will receive lectures on various topics related to human security, climate change, food and water security, globalization, international trade, and human rights. As part of the programme, students will perform community service with local Costa Rican organizations and associations located in the South Pacific and the Caribbean. 

UPEACE Professors Brian Dowd-Uribe, Robert Fletcher and Mihir Kanade have contributed to the course, as well as Dr. Jerry Sanders, UC Berkeley Chair Emeritus of Peace and Conflict Studies.

Through new approaches and cooperation with leading educational partners, the UC Berkeley summer programme furthers UPEACE´s pioneering role in promoting education for peace globally. The success of this programme has been made possible by the strong academic and administrative partnership between the two institutions.

For more information please contact Laura Arroyo, arroyo@upeace.org