Distinguished Professors

UPEACE Distinguished Professors

In order to expand the reach of the University for Peace and further promote its development, UPEACE has appointed the following Distinguished Professors:

  1. ZHANG Lubiao - Director General, Agricultural Trade Promotion Centre (ATPC), Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Affairs (MARA) of the People's Republic of China
  2. LIAO Tizhong - Director, Department of International Taxation, State Taxation Administration of China & Director of the Office of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao
  3. ZHANG Wenbing - Director, Product Quality Supervision Department, State Administration for Market Regulation of PR China
  4. ZHOU Qiang - Chairman, China National Aviation Fuel Group Limited (CNAF)
  5. ZHANG Xinsheng - Vice President, Shell Group & Executive Chairman of Shell Companies in China
  6. JIANG Weiming - Senior Executive Vice President, Royal DSM, President, DSM China
  7. WANG Lei (Leon Wang) - Executive Vice President, International and China President, AstraZeneca
  8. ZHAO Bin -Senior Vice President, Qualcomm Inc.
  9. XIE Bing (Tse Ping) - Senior Vice-President, CP Group, President, CP Pharmaceutical Group 
  10. YAN Caiming (Cathy Yan) - General Manager, PPG Asia Pacific
  11. HUANG Xiaojun - Managing Director, Veolia China
  12. Martin BODEN - Country President, Sodexo China
  13. Keun-Tae PARK - CEO & President, CJ Group China Headquarters
  14. ZHAO Juntao - Senior Vice President, Ericsson North East Asia, President, Ericsson (China) Communications Company Ltd. 
  15. HUANG Bilie - Managing Director & CEO, China Merchants Group Finance Co., Ltd.
  16. FENG Liying - President, CCB Pension Management Co., Ltd.
  17. ZENG Jianhua - Chairman, Kong Sun Holdings

Please click HERE to see more pictures of the appointment ceremony.


  1. 中国农业农村部贸易促进中心主任张陆彪先生
  2. 中国国家税务总局国际税务司司长、台港澳办公室主任廖体忠先生
  3. 中国国家市场监督管理总局质量监督司张文兵司长
  4. 中国航空油料集团周强董事长
  5. 荷兰皇家壳牌集团全球执行副总裁、壳牌中国主席张新胜先生
  6. 荷兰皇家帝斯曼集团全球高级执行副总裁、帝斯曼中国总裁蒋惟明先生
  7. 英国阿斯利康集团全球执行副总裁、国际业务及中国总裁王磊先生
  8. 美国高通公司全球高级副总裁赵斌先生
  9. 泰国正大集团副董事长谢炳先生
  10. 美国PPG公司亚太区总经理延彩明女士
  11. 法国威立雅集团中国区总经理黄晓军先生
  12. 法国索迪斯集团中国区总裁马博闻先生
  13. 韩国希杰集团中国区总裁朴根太先生
  14. 瑞典爱立信公司中国区总裁赵钧陶先生
  15. 中国招商局集团财务有限公司总经理黄必烈先生
  16. 中国建信养老金管理有限公司总裁冯丽英女士
  17. 中国江山控股集团董事长曾俭华先生


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