Projects Seeking Funding


Biodigester: From Waste to Power

To accomplish a transition to clean energy, a group of students from the 2018-2019 cohort has proposed the installation of a biodigester on the UPEACE campus. It will transform the organic waste from the cafeteria into biogas which can later be used for cooking, thus creating a sustainable, closed-loop cycle. The project has a strong pedagogical component and aims to engage students and staff throughout the project lifecycle. The biodigester will contribute to decreasing the food waste that the UPEACE campus produces and will lower its overall ecological footprint. 

In order to fund this project, we need USD $1,500! This cumulative cost will fund both the installation of a HomeBiogas system at UPEACE, as well as second system to be donated to a educational establishment within Ciudad Colon, the community in which UPEACE is located. This cost also includes educational and informational signage intended to accompany the biodigester system. 

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