Resident Faculty Members

Over the past five years, UPEACE has relied on a mix of resident and visiting faculty members to teach both its face-to-face and online courses. Our corps of Visiting Faculty brings richness of knowledge and experience to the classroom, and affirms the international and multicultural character of UPEACE. Most of our Visiting Faculty members are field practitioners with hands-on, practical experience in the University's areas of expertise. Given the growth of the student body over the past years and the proliferation of other academic activities off-campus, UPEACE has recruited more Resident Faculty members to teach, advise and conduct research.

Department of International Law

The Department presently has the following resident professors:

  • Dr. Mihir Kanade (India), Head of Department
  • Dr. Mariateresa Garrido (Venezuela), Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Jose Riera-Cezanne (United States), Adjunct Professor
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo (Venezuela), Professor and Dean of the University for Peace

Department of Peace and Conflict Studies

The Department presently has the following resident professors:

  • Dr. Heather Kertyzia (Canada), Head of Department, Coordinator of the M.A. in Peace Education
  • Dr. Gal Harmat (Israel), Adjunct Professor
  • Dr. Saumava Mitra (India), Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Dr. Uzma Rashid (Pakistan), Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the M.A. in Gender and Peacebuilding
  • M.A. Ross Ryan (Canada), Instructor, Coordinator of the M.A. in Media and Peace
  • M.A. Fereschta Sahrai, (Germany) Doctoral Student

Department of Environment and Development

The Department presently has the following resident professors:

  • M.A. Jan Breitling (Germany), Head of Department 
  • Alonso Muñoz (Costa Rica), Instructor, Coordinator of the M.A. in RMSED
  • Dr. Olivia Sylvester (Canada), Assistant Professor

Departamento de Estudios Regionales/Department of Regional Studies

  • M.Sc. Karen Acosta (Venezuela), Jefa del Departamento / Head of Department
  • M.Sc. Marcela Arroyave (Costa Rica-Colombia)
  • M.Sc. Jan Breitling (Alemania/Germany)
  • Dr. Mariateresa Garrido (Venezuela)
  • Dr. Heather Kertyzia (Canada)
  • Professor Mohit Mukherjee (India)
  • Professor Alonso Muñoz (Costa Rica)
  • Professor Ross Ryan (Canada)
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Sainz Borgo (Venezuela)
  • Dr. Olivia Sylvester (Canada)
  • M.A. Juan José Vasquez (Costa Rica)