1. Entry Visa

Depending on citizenship, an entry visa to Costa Rica may be needed. The Visa Officer at the UPEACE Office of the Registrar and Academic Administration will assist students with restricted nationalities and those that require Consular entry visas to obtain all proper documentation from the Directorate General of Immigration in Costa Rica.

Detailed information about country classification and the entry requirements of different nationalities is available on the website of the Directorate General of Immigration.

In reference to all official documentation, the following definitions may be helpful: 

Authenticate: to prove or serve to prove that (something) is genuine; especially: to prove that (an item of evidence) is genuine for the purpose of establishing admissibility; or to make (a written instrument) valid and effective by marking esp. with one's signature (usually done by lawyers or Consulates)
Certify: to attest as certain; give reliable information of; confirm; or to guarantee; endorse reliably: to certify a document with an official seal. 3. to give assurance; testify; vouch for the validity of something.

(Example: Universities stamp copies of transcripts with the University’s seal and the registrar signs next to the seal to certify the document is a true copy)

To request an entry visa, the following documents must be sent:

  • Photocopy of passport pages where name, photo, birth date, birthplace, date of issuance and expiration appear (this document must be sent on the application package)
  • Visa Form: this document is also required in the application package.
  • Photocopy of flight itinerary
  • Notarized affidavit of support and bank statement

The Department for Academic Administration will send you a scanned copy of the visa approval in order for you to approach the Costa Rican Consulate. To find out the location of your nearest Costa Rican Consulate, check the official website.

The entry visa costs approximately US$ 20, which is payable at the Costa Rican Consulate or upon your arrival to the Costa Rican International Airport.

Each Costa Rican Consulate has a different process for document authentication, so students are advised to contact their local consulate with enough anticipated time to obtain information. Some processes may require up to three weeks.

Note: If the country does not issue any of the requested documents, the student must bring a certification stating that it is the country’s internal policy not to issue these documents.

Once in Costa Rica, the Visa Officer will assist you in obtaining a student visa for the duration of your stay in Costa Rica.