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Students will gain an understanding of the various judicial and non-judicial bodies that are at the frontline of questions of interpretation, the development of international human rights standards, and enforcement. In addition, students receive training in hands on skills in the realm of reporting, monitoring and evaluation of human rights. Finally, as the globalization of business and investment is increasing in force and speed, with important human rights implications, this specialization explores the interaction between economics and rights, asking critical questions about this process and potential solutions.

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  • Overview

    International Law and Diplomacy (Hybrid)

    The Master of Arts in International Law and Diplomacy (online and hybrid formats) is a graduate programme permitting students to specialize in the interface between international law and diplomacy. It will not only broaden students' knowledge in the field of international law and its various foundational dimensions but will also equip them with knowledge and skills to work in the field of diplomacy and related international careers.

    During this programme, students will analyse the different dimensions of international law including those related to law-making, armed conflicts, human rights, economic relations, territorial and maritime disputes, environmental disputes as well as those related to the theory and practice of diplomacy in the 21st century including dispute settlement and conflict resolution. Students will also attend skills development sessions that are designed to support their professional career and employability. This master’s degree offered by two UN entities (University for Peace and United Nations Institute for Training and Research) combines the best of academic and executive-style education. Students will also gain first-hand experience of the work of the United Nations (UN), as they will have the opportunity to participate in a field trip to Geneva and The Hague, where the UN maintains a significant presence.

    The hybrid model of the M.A. in International Law and Diplomacy has a duration of four semesters and caters to those applicants who would like to combine an on-campus experience at the UPEACE headquarters in Costa Rica with the convenience and flexibility of the online modality. In this format, participants spend the initial four months (end of August to mid-December) of the programme at UPEACE Headquarters in Costa Rica studying the fundamental courses on public international law, and then resume the programme in the online modality starting in January for the remaining three semesters.

    Please click here for the full programme brochure.

  • Study Plan

    Academic Course Calendar and Professors

    Code Courses Type Professor Credits Weeks Dates Hours Classroom
    UPM 6001 UPEACE Foundation Course View More Mandatory Resident and Visiting Professors() View More 3 3 weeks (Including one double session. Friday 15 September 2023 is a Holiday) 28-Aug-2023 14-Sep-2023 8:45 a.m.-11:45 a.m. Council Room
    DIL-6100 Public International Law (3 credits) View More Mandatory Mihir Kanade(India) View More Mariateresa Garrido Villareal(Venezuela) View More 3 3 weeks 20-Sep-2023 10-Oct-2023 8:45am.-11:45am. Classroom #5
    UPM 6003 The United Nations System and... View More Mandatory Mihir Kanade(India) View More 2 2 weeks 16-Oct-2023 27-Oct-2023 8:45 a.m.-11:45 a.m. Council Room
    DIL-6101 International Human Rights Law (2... View More Mandatory Mihir Kanade(India) View More 2 2 weeks 30-Oct-2023 10-Nov-2023 8:45am.-11:45am. Classroom #3
    EXPC 6043 Workshop on Negotiation and Mediation... View More Mandatory Amr Abdalla(Egypt/United States) View More 2 6 weeks 06-Nov-2023 17-Dec-2023 -
    DIL-6105 Universal System for Protection of... View More Mandatory Mariateresa Garrido Villareal(Venezuela) View More 1 1 weeks 13-Nov-2023 17-Nov-2023 8:45am.-11:45am. Classroom #3
    DIL 6131 International Law Related to Armed... View More Mandatory Sergio Ugalde(Costa Rica) View More 1 1 week 22-Nov-2023 28-Nov-2023 8:45am.-11:45am. Classroom #2
    DIL-6124 International Law Related to Armed... View More Mandatory Nobuo Hayashi(Japan) View More 2 2 weeks (Friday 1 Dec 2023 - Holiday) 29-Nov-2023 13-Dec-2023 8:45am.-11:45am. Classroom #2
    ILDO - 5 International Criminal Law View More Optional Nobuo Hayashi(Japan) View More 2 6 weeks 15-Jan-2024 25-Feb-2024 -
    ILDO - 6 Law of Treaties View More Mandatory TBA (UNITAR)() View More 3 9 weeks 15-Jan-2024 17-Mar-2024 -
    ILDO - 7 International Environmental Law View More Optional Cosmin Corendea(Romania) View More 2 6 weeks 26-Feb-2024 07-Apr-2024 -
    EXPC-6092 Transitional Justice View More Optional Mariateresa Garrido Villareal(Venezuela) View More 2 6 weeks 04-Mar-2024 14-Apr-2024 -
    ILDO - 8 International Law and Diplomacy View More Mandatory Elayne Whyte(Costa Rica ) View More 2 6 weeks 15-Apr-2024 26-May-2024 -
    EXPC 6093 World Politics View More Optional Ross Ryan(Canada) View More 3 9 weeks 03-Jun-2024 04-Aug-2024 -
    ILDO - Globalization and Human Rights View More Optional Mihir Kanade(India) View More 3 9 weeks 05-Aug-2024 06-Oct-2024 -
    ILDO - 11 International Economic Law View More Optional Mihir Kanade(India) View More 3 9 weeks 12-Aug-2024 13-Oct-2024 -
    ILDO - 12 Human Rights Reporting , Monitoring... View More Optional TBA .() View More 3 9 weeks 07-Oct-2024 08-Dec-2024 -
    ILDO - 15 Law of International Organizations View More Mandatory TBA (UNITAR)() View More 3 9 weeks 06-Jan-2025 09-Mar-2025 -
    ILDO - 16 Rule of Law View More Mandatory TBA (UNITAR)() View More 3 9 weeks 17-Mar-2025 18-May-2025 -
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  • Requirements

    Admissions Requirements

    Application Deadline: 30 April 2023

    The following documentation is required to complete your application process for the UPEACE on-campus M.A. programmes. Please have them ready and on hand before beginning your online application process, as they will need to be uploaded into the system.

    Required supporting documents to be uploaded:

    • English Proficiency Test Scores Report (TOEFL, IELTS)
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Official Undergraduate (Bachelor's Degree) Transcripts and Degree Certificate
    • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
    • Copy of Passport (front page with photo only)
    • Passport-size photo


    Detailed information on each requirement can be found here.

    The online application requires electronic (PDF) scans of required documents.

    Upon submission of the online application form and supporting uploaded documents, the UPEACE Admissions system will send an automatic confirmation email. The date and time of submission will be noted in the system. Applications received after the established deadline will be considered for admission for the following academic year. Each application received by the established deadline will be reviewed for completeness. A second acknowledgment will be sent to applicants by the Admissions Officer, informing them of the status of their application, whether it is complete and able to be passed on for academic review.

    We are not able to provide any information about the status of applicants over the phone or to third parties. Information will only be provided to the applicant using the email provided in the online application form. Please address any email inquiries to

    Please write down your application ID number before submitting your application, as this number is difficult for the Admissions Team to recover. If you lose your ID number, please email

  • Cost & Financial Aid

    Tuition USD $13,000.00
    Administrative Fees* USD $0.00
    Total USD $13,000.00

    Administrative Fees are not refundable

    Payment Dates

    The first installment is due before the first course start date USD $7,000.00
    The second installment is due 7 months after the 1st installment payment USD $6,000.00
    Total USD $13,000.00

    Administrative Fees are not refundable

  • Student Life

    Life at #UPEACE

    Humans of UPEACE was modeled after the famous Humans of New York photography project, designed to tell the stories of 10,000 New Yorkers on the street. At UPEACE, we believe our community – composed of current students, Alumni, Faculty, Visiting Professors, staff members, and partners – is our greatest asset and their stories worth sharing with the world. We invite you to dive into these stories and get to know the exceptional #UPEACERS that make the University for Peace a unique and diverse learning community, dedicated to training leaders for peace determined to reshape the world.

    Their stories are the best way to get a real feeling for the Student Life Experience at UPEACE!

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    Our current batch of #UPEACERS

    The University for Peace is characterized by its diversity and multiculturalism. For 2022-2023, we have 157 students from 43 countries. As a result, our campus is always full of student activities, most of them organized by the students themselves. In past years, we have had yoga classes, conversation classes in different languages, the celebration of cultural nights (Asian night, Latin night, European night, etc.), as well as institutional activities open to students (Zumba classes, academic "brown bag" lunches, etc.) The current situation has forced students to become more creative with regards to socialising and ensuring a rich student life at UPEACE.


    Learn more about what to expect from your stay in Costa Rica, including approximate living expenses, here.

  • Career Info

    At the end of the programme, students should:

    • Have a deep understanding of the theory and practice of international law;
    • Be able to participate in different processes of law-making, implementing and enforcement in promoting the rule of law at different levels, especially regional and international;
    • Have a deep understanding of the theory and practice of diplomacy;
    • Be able to appraise the nexus between international law, diplomacy, the UN System and current contemporary challenges;
    • Be able to apply key soft skills in an international working environment.
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    Ready to join us?

    The UPEACE application process is conducted 100% online through our application forms. Check out our TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL APPLICATION below and feel free to contact the Admissions Team at any time during the application process for assistance, including the retrieval of your Application ID.